National Weather Service: El Niño "Tricked Us"

National Weather Service: El Niño "Tricked Us"


National Weather Service: El Niño "Tricked Us"


“This El Niño has really tricked us.”- Eric Boldt, National Weather Service Meteorologist

While Tahoe locals are rejoicing at the snowfall totals from this year’s El Niño, many meteorologists have been left completely bewildered by the record phenomenon.

In an interview with CBS Los Angeles, NWS meteorologist Eric Boldt expressed his concern for southern California, which continues to be ravaged by drought despite this year’s El Niño. “The worst-case scenario could be that we don’t see much cloud cover this spring and we get into some heat-waves,” said the NWS meteorologist. Ultimately, such conditions could leave dangerous wildfire conditions across so southern California.

In the meantime, all southern Californians are keeping their fingers crossed for a “Miracle May” before heading into wildfire season.

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