Tina Maze Is Considering Retirement

Tina Maze Is Considering Retirement

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Tina Maze Is Considering Retirement


Maze promoting her new children's book

Maze promoting her new children’s book

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After 36 world cup wins, 4 olympic medals, and one FIS overall title, Tina Maze in considering retirement reports EuroNews.com. Maze, who took a year off the circuit to study and follow other paths says she is leaning towards retirement.

“I know for some time what I want to do in future. It’s not official yet, but I can’t lie. If I don’t have the energy to compete, I can’t say that I do.”Tina Maze

That decision is based mainly on the grueling nature and preparation that comes with competing at the world cup level. In the past few years, the Slovenian bombshell has performed as a pop star, children’s author, and public speaker.

* Whatever Maze decides to do next, we wish her the best in any and all upcoming endeavors.

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