Should Skijoring Be Considered Animal Cruelty?

Should Skijoring Be Considered Animal Cruelty?

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Should Skijoring Be Considered Animal Cruelty?


While skijoring has served as the glue between ski bums and cowboys in the rural parts of North America’s mountains for decades, an incident in Leadville, Colorado has people questioning the time-honored tradition and its future. The questions come on the heels of a tragic incident, in which a horse broke its leg while a skier walked away unharmed reports CBS Denver.

Ultimately the horse was killed and the race was postponed for a day for safety reasons. Organizers cited an excess of soft snow on the course as one of the causes for the incident but in an interview with CBS Denver, Skijoring America board member, Tim McCarthy told one reporter, “I’m not blaming it on the track, I’m not blaming it on the horse. I think there are a couple multipliers in here that we can look at.”

Skijoring (Noun)- Skijoring, which means “ski driving” in Norwegian, is an event in which a skier is pulled by a horse, dog, or car. 

Ultimately, McCarthy said the accident was tragic and that it’s a first for the Leadville event. However, they plan to look into the event details to make sure they can effectively analyze course variables to ensure safety for horses in the future.

Find the entire CBS Denver article here: Horse Put Down After Accident At Annual Skijoring Event In Leadville

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