Report: Skiers Get Injured More Than Snowboarders

Report: Skiers Get Injured More Than Snowboarders


Report: Skiers Get Injured More Than Snowboarders


While most snowboarders inherit the unfortunate label of “out of control knuckle draggers,” it turns out skiers are more likely to get injured while shredding reports

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The study, which was conducted by the London Bridge Hospital stands contrary to most other studies, which agree that snowboarders are more likely to be injured while riding on the hill. However, after surveying 1,000 subjects, the study found that 25% of skiers reported injuries from their sport, while only 13% of snowboarders reported the same type of ailments.

One caveat of the study was that the survey included a majority of novice skiers and snowboarders, who averaged 5 days of skiing or riding prior to the survey.

Of all the injuries sustained by survey participants, 38% of those injuries were considered serious by medical standards

Also, the survey pointed out a particular lack of helmet use among snowboarding Brits. While skiers were reported to use helmets 60% of the time, their snowboarding counterparts indicated that only 30% of the snowboarding population uses helmets consistently.

While this points to a particular danger inherent in snowboarding, all winter sports are dangerous and that’s why all Jerry’s agree, there’s no such thing as “too much send.”

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