Bromley Back In November, Not Much Has Changed... | Photo Credit: Bromley Facebook Page
Bromley Back In November, Not Much Has Changed… | Photo Credit: Bromley Facebook Page

Normally known for their motto “ski it if you can,” it seems as though this season is exception to the rule for Mad River Glen and one other Vermont ski area. 

After low snowfall and warm temperatures dogged the mountains of New England this past month, MRG as well as Bromley ski area are temporarily shutting down their lifts. Normally the onset of February is a watermark for snowpacks in the northeast but this season is quickly becoming one to forget for skiers and riders on the east coast.

“Due to unseasonably warm weather and eroding snow pack we have decided to suspend operations until the weekend. We plan to re-open with the Practice Slope on Friday. Please stay tuned for updates and THINK SNOW!”Mad River Glen

Although both ski areas hope to run lifts this weekend, current models are showing that Bromley can expect 45° temperatures and rain all the way up to the summit in the next two days. 

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Bromley Statement

You wouldn’t expect it looking out the window today, (my office has the big window in the admin building that receives so much glare coming off of a snow covered Twister on a sunny day that I usually have to close the blinds to do any work) but tomorrow is going to bring in some more icky weather. Six more weeks of winter? That groundhog doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Or maybe he does… I WILL NOT let pessimism take over, right?

Regardless of personal internal angst, the point of this communication today is to note that we are expecting to receive .7 to 1.2 inches of rain, plus 45 mph Southwest-Southeast winds at the summit on Wednesday, February 3. With plenty of practice under our belts suspending operations due to weather this season, it still doesn’t get any easier to break the news.

Operations will be suspended Wednesday, February 3 and Thursday, February 4. The preceding paragraph explains why lifts won’t spin tomorrow, but why Thursday, too? We need to allow the wet to drain, time to assess the conditions in the daylight hours, and then more time to push snow around if needed and groom it up nice for Friday.

Now for the optimistic look ahead. The forecast is calling for temperatures to drop again! Combine that with a recently refilled snowmaking pond (there is ALWAYS a silver lining), and our snowmakers will get back at it, blowing good stuff where needed. Snowmaking plan to follow sometime after Thursday’s assessment.

Thanks for your patience with this season. (I assume you’re patient. Optimism is winning.) We’ve had some nice days in between the so-so ones, and I’ve recently been reading a lot of positive ‘spring conditions’ reviews on Facebook. It’s an odd feeling to receive them now, but if you’re all having fun under the warm Bromley sun, and our Patrol Director is making the best of it and tapping maples now, we’ll take it as it comes and enjoy.

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