5 Snowmobilers Killed in BC Avalanche

5 Snowmobilers Killed in BC Avalanche


5 Snowmobilers Killed in BC Avalanche


Northern Rockies Avalanche

North Rockies Avalanche from 2015 | Photo Credit (+Cover Photo): Avalanche Canada Facebook Page

Reports are coming out of British Columbia that five snowmobilers have been killed in a large avalanche near the town of McBride on Friday. The avalanche occurred in an area normally known for skiing and RCMP officials responded to the situation promptly, finding 5 deceased individuals, while 8 others sustained significant injuries. According to Avalanche Canada, Karl Klassen is reporting that the avalanche was “very large” and caught three groups of snowmobilers in its wake.

The condition of the injured individuals has yet to be released.

The avalanche danger is currently marked as considerable at middle and upper elevations in the Northern Rockies of British Columbia with multiple weak layers resulting in a complex, hard to read snowpack. Conservative route finding and thorough evaluation of the snowpack are recommended when traveling in avalanche terrain.

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Avalanche Canada Report

Avalanche Canada has received a report of what is described as a very large, significant avalanche event near McBride in the North Rockies. Details are sparse but it appears to have been human triggered and we know people are involved. There are layers of concern in the snowpack in many parts of this region (and others) and a fairly significant weather event added rain and snow to the snowpack over the last few days followed by clearing and cooling today. This may have produced stresses in the snowpack capable of producing large avalanches and this condition could take several days to settle and bond. Please be cautious this weekend. Checkwww.avalanche.ca or forecasts and blogs—we’ll provide additional information when we have it. Use theMountain Information Network to provide information to Avalanche Canada forecasters and other users. If you have specific information about the incident or conditions near McBride, please contact me directly.

*Our condolences go out to the friends and families of the victims. 

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