Up to 102cm for Chamonix By Tuesday!

Up to 102cm for Chamonix By Tuesday!


Up to 102cm for Chamonix By Tuesday!



After what has been an abnormally dry start to winter in the Alps, relief is finally on the way– for France at least. A winter storm system is currently en route and will start effecting the western and northern French alps on Thursday with peak intensity happening on Monday night. This comes on the heels of a deepenig jet stream that will start bringing the flow to the Western Alps. Snow showers are expected to start tomorrow and continue through next week.

The storm is expected to come in four separate waves, which could amount for up top 102cm for Chamonix, France!

Photo Credit: Snow-Forecast.com

Photo Credit: Snow-Forecast.com

According to snow-forecast.com, close to gale force winds will hammer the upper mountains on Monday night with up to 43cm falling during Monday night alone. And it’s not just the snow totals that are remarkable but the temperatures are forecasted to remain cold with the freezing level topping out at 2250 meters on Sunday evening and bottoming out at 1050 meters on Sunday. That said, the predicted low for for Monday night is -14°C so heavy snow in the valley is a definite possibility.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 5.34.45 PMUnfortunately, Italy appears to be missing out again, so places like Livigno will continue to remain dry for the foreseeable future until the jet stream dips further south.

Meanwhile in Livigno...

Meanwhile in Livigno…


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