New trend: New trend to have a spray tan wearing ski goggles to give 'fake ski tan' hits beauty world...Kim Kardashian (right) was ahead of the trend

England’s has reported on a new beauty trend where women are wearing ski goggles into tanning booths as well as using spray tans to give themselves a ‘fake ski tans’. Here is more on the story from

Are they taking the piste? Wearing goggles in tanning booth for ‘fake ski tan’ effect is bizarre new beauty trend

“Most people avoid wearing ski goggles for fear of those raccoon-style tan lines.

But the beauty world has witnessed a surge in the number of customers having spray tans wearing ski goggles to give them the ‘fake ski tan’.

The bizarre new craze sees fake tan lovers – particularly young women – stand in tanning booths naked with just a ski mask covering their eyes.

A new trend to have a spray tan wearing ski goggles to give  ‘fake ski tan’ has hit the beauty world and, as always, Kim Kardashian (above photo) was ahead of the trend”

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