5 Things You’ll Hear Leading Up to the Ski Season

5 Things You’ll Hear Leading Up to the Ski Season

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5 Things You’ll Hear Leading Up to the Ski Season


Matt Varsha

By Caldwell Cunningham

Ahhhh, what a wonderful time: the warm outdoor activities have finally ceased, that beautiful white precipitation begins to meander its way to the mountains, and Sage’s new edit just dropped getting everyone psyched for the upcoming winter. All the bros and bro-ettes can’t control themselves and seek out every opportunity to converse on why this season will be the best.


I present the top 5 thing you’ll hear leading up to the ski season.

1. “I don’t think I’m gonna buy a pass this year.”

This guy almost always ends up buying a pass. He hates on lift lines, corporate resorts and swears he is strictly sticking to the backcountry. Sure buddy, we’ll see you in the lift line.

2. “I’m getting a whole new setup.”

Luckily, he’ll likely spend more time in the shop getting his boots refitted then skiing, so hopefully you’ll only see him later at the bar.

3. “Dude, my legs are so sore. I’ve been cranking out this new ski workout like crazy.”

No lie, I can be guilty of this but unless someone inquires into your sculpted glutes (which will never happen), keep the workout to yourself.

4. “Honestly, I’m definitely gonna get over 100 days this year.”

Multiple people will most definitely drop this line non-stop. The illustrious “100 days” is a feat that many assume signifies elite ski prowess. Around April when people ask the lifties how many days they have, that bro who guaranteed 100 days probably has somewhere around 62. His rebuttal – “they don’t scan your pass in the backcountry bro.”

5. “I’m so stoked for this winter, there is gonna be so much pow. Did you hear La Nina is coming back?”

100%. Even if it’s still 80 degrees at the beginning of November, pre-season snow stoke is as certain as a surplus of dudes in a ski town bar. We need these optimists though – sending out good vibes to the snow gods can’t be a bad thing. Snow is still coming and for that we can be thankful.

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