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Pulling off ‘Saucer Boy’ for Halloween is no small task. It requires dedication to the backcountry, an affinity for snowler blades, and a Pelican SB Pro Model Saucer to name a few of the requirements. However, what truly makes a Saucer Boy costume is dedicating oneself to the EXTREME.

Because at the end of the day “I can stick uphill ice on my saucer.”

Here is the Unofficial Guide To Being Saucer Boy For Halloween. Just follow these 3 Steps

Step 1: The Gear

Saucer Boy, Halloween

At the end of the day it’s all about the sponsors because if you’re not sponsored by rad gear companies then you’re blowing it. So instead of calling up Smith, Line Skis, and The North Face, head to your local second-hand store for sponsorship instead.

Saucer boy Gear List:

  • Pelican SB (Saucer Boy) Pro Model Saucer
  • Bottle of Jack Daniels (Or Jim Beam)
  • Pair of Flip Up Sunglasses
  • Yellow Beanie w/Tassle
  • Jack Daniels Headband
  • Snowler Blades
  • Alpine Climbing Harness 
  • 60m Climbing Rope (slung over shoulder)
  • 2 Alpine Slings
  • Nordica Dobermann 140 Flex Ski Boots
  • Orange Windbreaker
  • Kneepads
  • Ice Axe
  • White Ski Pants
  • Cheese Grater (Shredding!)
  • 2 Ice Screws
  • Sponsors

Step 2: Getting Into Character

Saucer Boy, Halloween

The gear is the easy part. 

In order to truly adopt the Saucer Boy lifestyle, one must adopt a life that is extreme in nature. So even though your mountain isn’t open, the base area is in need of a jumpstart. So visit the base area (with snowler blades on) and offer to help the snowmakers while drunk on whiskey. After a day of blowing rainbows, you’re in the character and ready to learn your lines.

Step 3: Talk the Talk

Saucer Boy, Halloween

Saucer Boy is a man of many words and it’s important to know the Extreme vernacular.

Find the best Saucer Boy Quotes Here: The Top 5 Saucer Boy Quotes

Basically, talk about sponsors, “going off,” and how rad you are…

Good luck and remember you’re “the godfather of big mountain snowler-blading”

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