They did not play nice. The video comes to us from Sweden taken on opening day of moose season (could be elk translations are hazy on this). Might want to turn down your volume as the audio is rough but the interaction was recorded fairly good clarity.

This is the caption of the video translated from Swedish:

Jämthund bitch Klara was released at Ransjön in Sunne on moose hunting premiere Octobr12 2015. Suddenly she was attacked by two wolves – and the fight was long. When the attack bar complete a so called wolf vest with steel spikes on his back.”

This is an excerpt from an article on the incident:
– I did not come with the film, but shortly after that she sits up when she hears me. Then also wolves disappeared, says Tommy Berglund.
– I did not see her first. The beacon had stopped functioning and my first thought was that she was in contact with a moose and received a kick. But when I went back, I saw that she was bloody between his legs and that she had a bite mark. Then I realized that it was the wolf, it was an uncomfortable feeling and Klara could not get up.
Tommy wore his dog out to the road, a distance of 700 meters in a straight line.
– The thoughts went while the blood ran. This is not the way I thought.
Blessing in disguise is that the veterinarian was available only 20-25 minutes drive away, the Mjönäs animal clinic in Munkfors.
– They anesthetized her right to sew and kept well in a few hours. She had a large wound back as they sewed and 14 minor injuries as they also sewed. Since she had 15-20 wounds that would be kept open and drain itself, says Tommy.
– But we got to take her home in the evening.

For the complete article go HERE. 

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