Greenland Heli Skiing (Kangaamiut, Greenland)

The Best Heli-skiing in the World? It just might be…. Greenland Heli Skiing is located in Northwest Greanland, 60 kilometers north of Maniitsoq, in the sleepy Inuit village of Kangaamiut. From this unique position above the arctic circle Greenland Heli Skiing can take advantage of hundreds of glacial runs dropping into 3 different fjords directly behind the Island of Kangaamiut. Descents are up to 2000 vertical metres and many terminate at the sea’s edge. Due to the high latitude Greenland’s Heli-Ski season runs from April to May.

Ski Pro Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyzstan’s Tien Shan Mountains)

If you book a heli-ski trip with Ski Pro Kyrgyzstan don’t be surprised if you get blank stares from your friends who have never heard of Kyrgyzstan or the Tien Shan Mountains. This Islamic Central Asian country offers up incredible natural beauty and proud nomadic traditions. Kyrgyzstan was annexed by Russia in 1864; it achieved independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Today, Kyrgyzstan is working to build it’s travel industry by utilizing its natural geography (over 90% of Kyrgyzstan is mountainous) and beauty. Another upside to booking with this exotic heli-ski Operation is that unlike other help-ski operations, Ski Pro Kyrgyzstan gives you a good shoot at getting a majority of fly days with an average of 247 sunny days a year.

Chilean Heliski (Andes Mountains, Chile)

Puma Lodge, located outside of Santiago, Chile is the worlds first 5 star Heli-Ski Lodge. The lodge is being advertised as the “most comfortable experience of any Heli-ski operation in the world” with full Spa facilities, sauna, outdoor jacuzzi, well equipped gym, comfortable stretching room, boot room, in-house medical clinic, games room, library, dining room with stunning views of the Andes, comfortable lounge/bar and a wine cave stocked with the finest wines produced in Chile and Argentina.

Chilean Heliski, the heli-ski operation based out of the Puma Lodge, boasts terrain that receives more then 400″ of annual snowfall as well as a run thats more then 9000 vertical feet and almost 10 miles long. Thats like skiing from the top of Granite Chief at Squaw Valley down to sea level!

Southern Lakes Heliski (Queenstown, New Zealand)

Southern Lakes Heliski offers the most terrain options of any operator in New Zealand. It’s Boasts 5500 sq/km+ of exclusive terrain across 9 different mountain ranges and offers excess to over 400 potential runs, including Glacier Skiing options and the highest terrain available in the region. Southern Lakes Heliski has exclusive access to the amazing Clarke Glacier located in the Forbes mountain range which also includes exclusive access to the Highest elevation Heliski terrain available in Queenstown or Wanaka of Mt Head at 2585 Meters. There is no question that heli-skiing is the best way to view and enjoy New Zealand’s breath taking mountain environment.

Himalayan Heli Ski Guides (Nepal)

1st decents abound in the worlds highest and most well known mountain range. Himalayan Heli Ski Guides is the first and only heli-ski Company in Nepal. Skiing in the Himalayas gives you the unique opportunity to ski 2,000m descents surrounded by 7,000 to 8,000 meter high peaks. Nearby monasteries create a mystical vibe as you ski the roof of the world.


Kamchatka Big Volcano Heli-Skiing

Kamchatka is a unique and mysterious land known by volcanoes, geysers, perfect powder and highly-qualified snowboarders. As a rule the season starts on December. Then the slopes of Kamchatka will be attracting you from February till May. There are slopes of all levels of difficulty so the beginners will feel comfortable as well as the professionals. More info @

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