Photo from today at Geilo
Photo from today at Geilo

Geilo Ski Center in Norway is opening tomorrow after it stashed 30,000 cubic feet of snow last season in anticipation of some early season skiing this year reports

You read that right, they stored 30,000 cubic feet of snow through the summer!

They must have a hell of an ice-cube tray.

The resort, which usually opens in late October believes it can capture early season profits by opening in September. The early start is also made possible by their cutting edge snow guns that use geo-thermal technology to remove heat from the snow, which subsuquently makes the snow stick around longer.

Currently, the only open area will be the “Meditteranean Valley” zone and if snow comes in early this year, additional terrain will be made available to the public.

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Although the area is mainly used as a training ground, the resort will be open to the public daily from 11AM-3PM.

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