SUP-SQUATCHING Mexican Barrels

SUP-SQUATCHING Mexican Barrels


SUP-SQUATCHING Mexican Barrels


How this isn’t a breakout network success the like of “Rob & Big” I don’t know.  The most entertaining web series Red Bull Media House has produced and possibly the best reality web series on the internet.

“Two dudes surfing the same barrel just wasn’t enough for the JOB crew, so Jamie O’brien, Shane Dorian, Ryan Hipwood, and of course Poopies take the Supsquatch to where no Supsquatch has gone before…deep into some perfect Mexican barrels. Plus Poopies attempts a hot sauce challenge, Bruce Irons gets shacked, and there’s all the surfing you can handle from the best South swell in more than a decade”

….I think the defining aspect of the show that makes it so appealing is there is only a certain amount of Hollywood a producer could interject into a big wave surfer’s lifestyle living on the North Shore.  Hawaii is an isolated island with fiercely loyal and territorial locals.  JOB can fool around a bunch but when it comes down to it he answers to mother nature and his version of mother nature is massively unforgiving.

p.s. this dude’s quiver is something out of kids dream

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