5. “I can’t go skiing with you today, I’m getting called into work”

Sometimes skiing with the lady is a great thing. It slows down the bro brah pace and allows otherwise deadbeat ski bum boyfriends to put up some nice guy points on the relationship scoreboard. However, on a good day, this statement is about as priceless as your ski pass. So hit up the boys and go out for a rip.

4. “I baked you some cookies”

After a long day skiing on the hill, coming home to a plate of freshly baked cookies is about as good as it gets. That is unless she tells you they’re gluten free; in which case, break up with her immediately.

3. “You want to just meet up for après later?”

You made plans earlier in the day for a lunch date during her ski break. However, her best friend convinced her that they need to catch up. Friend time is necessary and gives you a pass to keep ripping laps. Also, she would like to meet up for après later. Win and win.

 2.“I’m staying in tonight but go have fun with your buddies. We can watch Netflix later”

If you don’t get the proper bro time you’re likely to vent any frustration at your significant other. And for that reason, she grants you reprieve and hangs out with the dog instead. The dog has more class than you and your skid friends anyway.

1. “My dad wants to take us cat-skiing in British Columbia…”

Will you marry me?