Buffalo Snow Pile Will Melt Through August!

Buffalo Snow Pile Will Melt Through August!


Buffalo Snow Pile Will Melt Through August!



Although the Boston Snow Farm got most of the press for melting into June, two snow piles located in a non operational train station in Buffalo, NY are still melting. As of now, the piles look as though they’ll be melting into August reports WRGZ Buffalo.

“It’s not unprecedented, but it is weird when you think about it,”  Said Meteorologist Patrick Hammer 

The piles, which are currently 10 feet high, are the remnants of what many referred to as a “beast winter” for the Northeast. And although grass is sprouting on the summits of the small hills, deep within the piles is snow… ice cold.

The Majority of the snow in the pile is from a storm that occurred 8 months ago!

The storm came in big (7ft to be exact) and temperatures stayed cold, resulting in some significant accumulation pile ups.

According to meteorologist Patrick Hammer, “That pile of snow is like a glacier,” adding “It’s very dense and it’s covered in dirt and garbage, which acts to insulate the snow from the sun’s rays. That’s what melts the snow, not just the heat but the sun’s rays, and it’s protected.”

Which begs the question how much of the earth, garbage, and water mix must be ice for it to qualify as a snow pile?

That is exactly what crossed my mind while watching this guy ski on the Boston snow pile.

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