"Magic Carpet" Incident Results in Amputated Arm

"Magic Carpet" Incident Results in Amputated Arm


"Magic Carpet" Incident Results in Amputated Arm


Magic Carpet

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.org

Getting an arm stuck in the conveyor belt of the “Magic Carpet” is every lifties’ nightmare. 

Well, that’s exactly what happened to snowboard park employee Patrick O’Donnell this past winter at Raging Buffalo Snowboard and Ski Park in Algonquin, IL according to 89 WLS in Chicago. Currently, O’Donnell is in the middle of a lawsuit that claims the lift is “unreasonably dangerous” and should have a more accessible emergency shut off switch.

According to Fire Department officials, O’Donnell’s arm got caught in the conveyor belt. After an hour, rescue officials finally freed the 17 year old’s arm. He was immediately air lifted to a hospital in Park Ridge, where his arm was amputated.

One of the defendants, Magic Carpet Lifts Inc has expressed sorrow for O’Donnell’s situation but have limited their comments thus far. Others involved in the suit are Hoffman-Panduit Partnership, who are responsible for manufacturing the control panel as well as IDEC Corporation, which designed the automation system for the lift. Neither company could be reached for comment.

The lawsuit is pursuing $150,000 in damages.



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