The Top 5 Saucer Boy Quotes

The Top 5 Saucer Boy Quotes


The Top 5 Saucer Boy Quotes


Saucer Boy

1) “I can stick uphill ice on my saucer”


2) “I’m gonna be the king… the godfather of big mountain snowler blading. That’s what Im going to do. I’m going so off, no one is ever gonna see what I’m gonna do. If I ever get outta here, I’m gonna make a come back man.”


3) “I need to get some exposure for my sponsors, can I get in your interview?”


4) “I’m a really good saucerer. I go off really big cliffs and I always stick my landings.”


5) “You know your eyes are the same color as my Porsche?”


In memory of Saucer Boy and the late great Shane McConkey please give back in his honor through The Shane McConkey Foundation

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