Rex Specs = Sunglasses For Dogs

Rex Specs = Sunglasses For Dogs


Rex Specs = Sunglasses For Dogs


Rex SpecsNo, this is not a joke. A Jackson, WY company is building shades for dogs that they have coined ‘Rex Specs‘.

The doggie sunglasses are very similar to ski goggles with interchangeable, spherical lenses that not only block out harmful UV rays, but also protect man’s best friend from debris and environmental hazards as they get amongst it.


Tuckerman showing off his new shades in Jackson.

The shades have a two strap system that fits behind the dog’s head to keep the goggles in place while the dog does its doggie things.

The product is adjustable and is built to fit dogs from about 35-100 pounds, depending on head size and shape.

So how much for a pair of sweet shades for your pooch? $80 smakers.

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