Troy Polamalu Professional Snowboarder?

Troy Polamalu Professional Snowboarder?


Troy Polamalu Professional Snowboarder?



It may seem crazy but according to multiple sources, Troy Polamalu is contemplating a career in professional snowboarding. After retiring this past April, Polamalu discussed a career in snowboarding with multiple friends and it seems like the former Pittsburg Steeler safety can’t get his mind off the idea.

According to former Steeler’s teammate, Ryan Clark “We were talking about the situation, whether or not he’d retire, what he wanted to do, and it seemed like halfway through every conversation, we started talking about his burgeoning professional snowboarding career.”

Whether that means racing, big mountain, or freestyle, the world will have to wait and see.

Recently, the former safety has spent time riding in Aspen and maybe there will be a Polamalu shrine before we know it.

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