Deer_Valley_Ski_Resort_Park_City_Utah_photo_D_Ramey_LoganImage by Ramey Logan via wikipedia

A Deer Valley Resort ski instructor has died following a collision with a lift tower at the resort on Sunday afternoon. The instructor has been identified as Deer Valley veteran, Rafal “Rafi” Uzieblo. Rafal Uzieblo was 42 years old and lived in Pinebrook.

Park City police Capt. Rick Ryan, reported that the accident occurred on the Birdseye run underneath the Sterling chair lift at around 2:30 p.m. The Police Department considers the death an accident, Ryan said.

“Once we get information back from the medical examiner’s office we’ll find probably blunt force trauma to the body and to the head, that’s usually the cause of death on ski accidents that we have,” Ryan said.

“Uzieblo worked for Deer Valley for seven years, she said. The death is a “very tragic loss for us,” said Coleen Reardon, a Deer Valley spokesperson

Sunday was the final day of Deer Valley’s ski season.

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