Powder Alert: Southeast New England

Powder Alert: Southeast New England


Powder Alert: Southeast New England


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From: Powderchasers.com

The East is in the headlines again!  Light to moderate snow will spread across Western MA, Central and southern Vermont and New Hampshire during the day Saturday (3-6).  Snow will intensify as a low pressure system forms off the coast of Cape Cod. That enhanced system will bring significant snow to the Cape, Boston, Coastal New England, and a good portion of Maine.    Expect 12-18 inches in Coastal areas, 5-10 inland, and 3-6 further West.

Best ski areas to chase might be closest to the coast?  Saturday could be decent insouthern Vermont, Western MA.   Sunday will be best along the NH/ME border and perhaps as far inland asSunday River.  On the last coastal storm Sunday River and Sugarloaf nabbed the deepest goods?  Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy the POWDAH.

West:   Currently a sharp cold front will drop over Montana, Central Wyoming and the front range of Colorado late this weekend.  This is a fast moving system with arctic air.   Colorado will reap moderate rewards on Monday/Tuesday.  My best guess is light to moderate snow for Loveland, Eldora, Monarch, Winter Park (Light density).  In the extended forecast we see some hints of colder air and snow for the Cascades and Coastal BC February 18/19.   Models advertising a few systems over Colorado on February 22 and 26th.  Pattern looks better for the Rockies however I am not fully buying into it just yet.

If you are heading up skiing this weekend make sure to read our post, Avoid East Coast Crowds This Presidents Day Weekend! Overlooked Ski Areas Of The East.

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