Yellowstone National Park ranger dodges a charging grizzly bear.

YELLOWSTONE – If you need any more proof that National Park Rangers are bada**, here’s a clip of a Yellowstone ranger dodging a charging grizzly.

In the video, we can see the ranger attempting to direct traffic right before the bear decides to charge. The ranger dodges the charge and heads behind the car, grabbing what appears to be a non-lethal gun to scare the animal away.

Grizzly bear charged a park officer near mammoth hot springs.”

According to KRTV, the ranger was called in because several tourists were outside of their vehicles and too close to a breeding pair of bears. People continued to approach the bear, trying to take pictures, even as the ranger told them to get away. Of course, in the chaos, the bear charged at the ranger.

The ranger, in response, hazed the bear with rubber bullets and cracker shells, hopefully teaching the bear to stay away from developed areas.

Yellowstone does require that guests stay at least 100 yards away from bears.

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