The 10 Most Beautiful Woman in SnowSports

The 10 Most Beautiful Woman in SnowSports


The 10 Most Beautiful Woman in SnowSports


kristi leskinen beautiful
Kristi Leskinen.  Freestyle skier.  USA.  First women to land a rodeo 720.  photo:

lara gut beautiful

Lara Gut.  Ski racer. Lara is a Swiss World Cup alpine ski racer who competes in all disciplines except slalom and specializes in the speed events of downhill and super-G. 

Lyndsey Dyer.  Freeskier.  Reality TV Star. USA.  


Lindsey Vonn, the most successful US female skier. 4 world cup championships.  Olympic Gold Medal.  USA. Image by, Helga Esteb

torah brightTorah Bright.  Half-pipe snowboarder.  Olympic Gold medalist.  Australia, even though she has lived in Utah her whole life.


Linn Haug. Half-pipe snowboarder. Norway 

ashleigh mcivor beautifulAshleigh McIvor.  Skier Cross.  Olympic Gold Medalist.  Canada.

julia mancuso beautiful

Julia Mancuso.  Ski racer.  Gold & silver olympic medalist.  Squaw Valley USA.


Silje Norendal. Snowboarder. Won gold at the Winter X Games in Tignes, France. Norway.


Tina Maze. Ski racer. Olympic Gold medalist. Slovenia.

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