The Most Underrated Piece of Avalanche Gear

The Most Underrated Piece of Avalanche Gear


The Most Underrated Piece of Avalanche Gear


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Everyone knows that before you head into the backcountry for a day of skiing you need a few essential safety items (shovel, beacon and probe). Shovel, beacon and probes are great tools to have on hand in the event you need to dig your buddy out of an avalanche; but what about preventing an avalanche in the first place? The most underrated piece of avalanche gear you can own is a good set of two way radios.

Communication is key to keeping everyone in your party informed on route planning, changing conditions as well as other vital information that might become relevant along the way. In order to keep everyone up to speed it is always a good idea to have a two way radio for everyone in the group. Here are a few reasons why we prefer the Motorola Two-Way Radio.

Motorola Two-Way Radio (Pair)

  1. Durable and long lasting
  2. Waterproof
  3. Rechargeable battery packs
  4. NOAA weather plus alerts to keep you abreast of change weather conditions
  5. Vibrates when called.

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