91% of Swiss wear a helmet skiing

91% of Swiss wear a helmet skiing


91% of Swiss wear a helmet skiing



The Swiss Council for Accident Prevention has released their latest figures on skiers wearing helmets. It finds that 91% of Swiss nationals wear a helmet and 84% of foreign visitors to the Swiss mountains do.

This is a large jump from just 5 years ago when only 82% of Swiss and only 62% foreign visitors wore helmets.

The Swiss Council also found that the proportion of women wearing a ski helmet increased more then men.

It is believed that the accident of Michael Schumacher and the subsequent news coverage had a significant impact on the increased use of helmets.

It is worth noting that despite the sharp increase in people wearing a helmet that has been no corresponding decrease in serious head injuries. There is some evidence to suggest that they make a significant difference to low-impact falls but offer limited protection in high-speed accidents.

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