5 Reasons to Date a Female Mountain Biker | From Singletracks.com

5 Reasons to Date a Female Mountain Biker | From Singletracks.com


5 Reasons to Date a Female Mountain Biker | From Singletracks.com


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5 Reasons to Date a Female Mountain Biker

singletracks.com brings us their take on 5 reasons to date a female mountain biker. 

“Female mountain bikers are still a rare bread, like a ginger albino unicorn with freckles. Well, maybe not quite that rare, but seeing chicks with pigtails and pink helmets hucking off major drops and blowing past guys is a bit uncommon. However, our numbers are gaining traction. It won’t be long before we’re giving the typically all-boys club a run for their money. The upside for guys? An increased opportunity to interact with, and for a lucky few, even pursue a relationship with someone who understands this obsession to the same degree.”

  1. We’re good at riding things – We’ll ride a young stallion with lots of capability or our trusty old steed that creeks and moans. Either way, we’ll ride on tight, loose, overgrown, lung-busting, slow and steady, or screaming-fast trails. We’ll ride anywhere as well; the rougher, dirtier, and deeper in the woods, the better. And we make it look good. There’s nothing sexier than a woman getting down and dirty.
  2. We know how to use protection – For women in particular, the consequences of riding without protection are high. Not only do we know what forms of protection are the best, we’re well aware of the best equipment for the job at hand, as well as proper application. We’re not afraid to don knee pads if the terrain dictates the need.
  3. We know how to use the right lube for the right condition – Friction is bad in almost every aspect of life. Thus, the proper selection of lube is critical. We not only know what lube is best, we know the proper techniques to apply it. We also know how important it is to wipe it off if an excessive amount is applied.
  4. We know how to work a post – While proper selection is important, it’s not nearly important as placement. Too short and you’ll be looking at decreased efficiency and pleasure during the ride. Too long and you’re facing an extremely uncomfortable ride. There are very few things worse than having equipment get in the way, which is why we love droppers too. Up, down, up, down. There’s nothing better than droppin’ it like it’s hot and sliding all the way back as you go down.
  5. We like to play with the newest toys – Guys aren’t the only gearheads. We know how new toys can add an additional level of excitement to any mundane ride. New material underneath your tush or hands can add a spark to a fizzling relationship with that old steed you were considering splitting ways with.

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