Powder Watch Issued: Sierra & Northern Rockies | Powderchasers.com

Powder Watch Issued: Sierra & Northern Rockies | Powderchasers.com


Powder Watch Issued: Sierra & Northern Rockies | Powderchasers.com


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Storm races inland Saturday/Sunday with westerly flow impacting the Wasatch, Central Idaho, Tetons, and southern Montana this weekend.   It is a quick moving system so my early guess is 5-10 in the Wasatch and lower amounts elsewhere.   Lake Effect snow could fall south of the Great Salt Lake.  Salt Lake City will see it’s first brush of white on the foothills just outside of town by Sunday. Details will follow by midweek!Halloween looks like it might just ring in a good taste of winter especially over the Sierra Friday/Saturday.  Pacific Northwestmoisture continues (High snow levels with rain/snow mix) this week and migrates to a colder pattern by the weekend (better chance for snow).  The Sierra will see moisture edge into Northern California Friday, colder temperatures and moderate to isolated heavy snow through Saturday morning (6-12 likely above 8500 feet).   Snow will also be falling at lake level on Saturday (1-3).     Keep Tahoe White?  Get ready!

New England will see it’s first brush of winter this weekend as a storm edges into the mountains by Saturday (Central and southern mountains- including coastal Maine).

This season has brought most of the snow to very high elevations in the Northwest (Peak of Crystal, above Mount Baker Ski area, Whistler Summit, Revelstoke, Thompson Pass AK).  Colorado has had several quick hitters allowing some snowfall to fall in the northern mountains (Peaks are white).   This weekend should bring the first true cold system, westerly flow and quick hitting 2-3 inch per hour snowfall rates especially in the Sierra and Western Rockies.


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