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When I was 12 years old, my grandfather told me that women who leave “it” up to the imagination are the ones worth chasing.

My grandfather is rolling in his grave.

But then again, if grandpa used Tinder during his lifetime, he might have 20 more notches on his deceased belt. As an observer (trust me you will never swipe right on this guy), I can only sit back and judge with a haters grin.

But when friends from Jackson, WY caught on, the participants and their results blew me away. Girlfriends and boyfriends caught each other using the app, unknown ski bunnies all of sudden became known commodities, and heartbroken ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends rebounded… quickly.

The phenomenon, which started in New York and Los Angeles as a trend, is spreading into some of the most isolated mountain towns in our United States of America. A friend from Aspen, CO used the app and “double tapped” on Paris Hilton while she was in Aspen for New Years, giving way to no texts whatsoever (still amusing though). Other friends suddenly disappeared from après and house parties to go on dates with “someone they met on Tinder.”

Are you kidding me?

No because it worked… cue the fireworks and Cialis commercials.

Well I guess pole whacking your line is now a thing of the past and swiping right on your iPhone is a way of the future. Which leaves one to wonder… in the future will anyone make an impromptu connection on a sun-drenched double chair and take “it” to a nearby hole in the mountain hut? Or will they scan the crowd at (insert local sushi spot here) where they pre arranged to meet and subsequently go home and walk to the bedroom past over-informed friends on the couch?

Who knows?

What is for sure is that the infamous ski bum dry spells are coming to an end as the modern world reveals everything.

My grandfather told me that imagination was the key to a successful connection but then again grandpa didn’t have Tinder.

[image credit: Kiselev Andrey Valerevich via shutterstock]