BREAKING: Burning Man is Closed Due To Weather!

BREAKING: Burning Man is Closed Due To Weather!


BREAKING: Burning Man is Closed Due To Weather!


2014 rain screenshot 25th

Rain and hail have forced the organizers of Burning Man to shut down their gates. Official word from @burningman is the gate will be closed until at least midday Tuesday. Some estimates have 10,000 people currently in line at the gate. Burning Man official Facebook page has posted the following message:


Black Rock City, August 25, 2014 — Organizers of the annual Burning Man event are asking any participants traveling to the event now to postpone their arrival until at least Tuesday morning. Black Rock City has shut down following rainstorms that left standing water on the playa, leaving it un-drivable.

At the request of Burning Man organizers, Nevada Highway Patrol will be directing traffic away from Highway 447 at Wadsworth. Also at the request of organizers, local law enforcement have also begun turning around traffic at the event entrance on Highway 34 northeast of Gerlach. Drivers are being instructed to find a safe location to park until the expected re-opening of the event on Tuesday.

Organizers expect the rain to dissipate and the playa surface to dry out by midday Tuesday and participants will be allowed to enter the event again.

puddles paul 2014

Photo of the Playa from Burner Paul

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