Yesterday @ Alta = Powder Day!

Yesterday @ Alta = Powder Day!


Yesterday @ Alta = Powder Day!



It’s not that often that Alta sees close to a foot of fresh pow in mid June.  In fact it’s only happened 3 times in the past 20 years.  Luckily I was able to catch it this time around and was extremely impressed.

Most of Alta’s snow has already melted away but you would never know it after today.  I skied a Gunsight lap that was absolutely phenomenal  and then traversed over to North Rustler fearing lots of rocks and stumps.  Fortunately the coverage was surprisingly good and I only nicked a couple of rocks on my way down.  I’d say if you get after early tomorrow the snow should still be plenty light and fluffy.  Considering Friday’s temps look to be back in the 90′s this is probably your last chance to catch some powy face-shots.  Get some!

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10403720_682772005105981_8768610578239975213_nImage from Alta Ski Area


Image From Wasatch Snow Forecast

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