Suspected "Ski Bum Bandit" Bank Robber Arrested

Suspected "Ski Bum Bandit" Bank Robber Arrested


Suspected "Ski Bum Bandit" Bank Robber Arrested


'Ski Bum Bandit' Bank RobberPhoto Courtesy of the Salt Lake City Police

Christopher Ryan Huntzinger, 42, has been arrested by Cottonwood Heights Police. Authorities believe that Huntzinger is the “Ski Bum Bandit” who robbed several banks in the Salt Lake City area. Detectives believe the “Ski Bum Bandit” can be linked to at least five bank robberies in Salt Lake County.

“It looks like he was doing these robberies because he had financial problems,” Corbett said.

Salt Lake police believe Huntzinger can be linked to bank robberies at University Federal Credit Union, 7220 S. Highland Drive, Jan. 24; Health Care Credit Union, 769 E. South Temple, Feb. 4; University Federal Credit Union, 3088 S. 1300 East, Feb. 19; Zions Bank, 7015 S. Highland Drive, Feb. 22; and University Federal Credit Union, 7720 S. Highland Drive, March 11.

Authorities were lead to Huntzinger after lifted fingerprints from one of the notes handed to a bank teller during a robbery.

Huntzinger’s mother also said the person in the robbery photos was her son, and the scarf he was wearing in one of the photos was one she had given him for Christmas.

Police dubbed the robber the “Ski Bum Bandit” because they believed he might be a local skier due to the ski clothing and hats he wore during the robberies.

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