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Silverton Chair: Silverton, CO 

Silverton’s one and only chairlift provides access to some of the best terrain in North America. This iconic chairlift drops you off at  12,000 feet above sea level in an alpine wonderland.  The chair itself began its life at Mammoth Mountain but was snatched up for a steal by the Silverton founders.  How hardcore is this chairlift? Well… It was installed by hand. Like with picks and shovels.

KT-22: Squaw Valley, CA

The terrain off KT is some of the best in North America. Steeps, chutes, glades, cliff drops, groomers, you name it KT has got it. KT is also home to The Fingers and McConkey’s, two small slices of Alaska type terrain located in sunny California. KT’s terrain breeds some of the best skiers and riders in the world. Because of this KT-22 has become the de facto location to see and be seen by the who’s who of the ski world. 

FourRunner Quad:  Stowe, Vermont

Stowe’s Quad chairlift accesses some of the best terrain east of the Mississippi. From the Quad you can access steep bumps, trees, and leg burning groomers that fall off the highest peak in Vermont. Because of the aggressive terrain off the Quad it’s not surprising that on powder mornings you can witness a line up of diehard skiers and riders that will rival any western ski resort. Goat Woods!

Ts Marte: Las Leñas, Argentina

With hundreds of chutes descending in all directions the terrain of Ts Marte will pucker even the most seasoned skier. The south wall off Las Leñas is not just some of the best skiing you can find in July, it’s some of the best skiing you can find anywhere in the world. A mix of extremely technical terrain combined with huge open steep ramps make Ts Marte the ideal playground for adrenaline junkies. It’s Heil-skiing from a chairlift.

Single Chair, Mad River Glen

By the mid 2000s MRG’s Single Chair was clearly on its last legs. Something had to be done and most people thought it would be replaced by a double or maybe even a triple but nope. MRG and it’s local skiing diehards decided that instead of replacing the Single Chair that they would just jazz it up a bit and make it the fastest fixed-grip chairlift in the United States. Mad River Glen’s Single Chair is so iconic it has it own beer named after it (Single Chair Ale by Magic Hat).

Chair 23, Mammoth Mountain

Chair 23 climbs +1,100 vertical feet into the high alpine of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. From the unloading dock the world is at your feet with a plethora of cliff drops, chutes, cornices and steeps. What makes Chair 23 even more special is the fact it hardly ever runs do to its exposed location. But if you get it when its good…..

Peak Chair, Whistler

From the top of the Peak Chair (7,000 feet above sea level) skiers and riders can access nearly 5,000 vertical feet of Canadian mountain terrain. The terrain off Peak Chair gives more options to huck your meat then just about anywhere in the world. If you don’t believe us just check out this video – Whistler Peak Chair Huck Fest


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