Meet the Freeride World Tour Female Snowboarders | Snowbird Ladies Ride Hard!

Meet the Freeride World Tour Female Snowboarders | Snowbird Ladies Ride Hard!


Meet the Freeride World Tour Female Snowboarders | Snowbird Ladies Ride Hard!


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If you are a big fan of skiing and/or snowboarding and you have not been following the Freeride World Tour the past few seasons this is the year to start.  The best big mountain riders from across the globe will be converging a Six FWT Events this season to throw down for cash, bragging rights and the chance to be the next Freeride World Tour Champion. We will be highlighting some of the key characters over the next few weeks so you know who the players are and which riders you want to be cheering for or against.

In this article we are focusing on the Female Snowboarders from the Americas Region. As it happens, all Four of ladies representing North and South America ride out of Snowbird, Utah.  Without further delay here is more info on each of these rippers:


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Kaitlin is long time friend from Snowbird and has been giving the competition scene hell since the start on The North Face Masters competitions a few years back. Kait had a terrific season on the FWQ last year (2012/13) and finished in 1st place overall, earning her a spot on the FWT for the first time. A super positive attitude and a smooth riding style make Kaitlin a ton of fun to ride with and to watch. When she isn’t on the hill shredding Kaitlin works as a massage therapist and rips up mountain bike trails with her boyfriend Aaron and dog Moto. Check out more on her FWT Bio Page.


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Laura Dewey is another long time competitor and Snowbird local. Laura moved her riding skills to Snowbird over 10 seasons ago and has been polishing them ever since. You can catch her on the tram almost everyday she is not out of town competing. Ms. Dewey showed her power and flexibility by wining the 2013 FWT event in Chamonix on a snowboard borrowed from a fellow male athlete after her luggage was lost on the flight to Europe. Look for her cruising around the canyon in her sweet new AWD mini-van:) For more info on Laura check out her FWT Bio Page.


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Shannan has been a dominant competitive big mountain snowboarder for the last 5+ seasons. She was the North Face Masters Overall Champion in 2010 and 2012, and took 3rd overall last season on the FWT. Strength and Speed are two of Shannan’s most powerful weapons. Couple those skills with all her experience and it is tough to not have her as one of the favorites this year. Shannan has worked in Veterinary Hospitals for as long as I have known her, but is currently working on becoming an RN.  You can find Yates and her husband Ryan are riding the Snowbird Tram and throwing high fives most days. Learn more on Shannan’s FWT Bio Page.


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Laura Hadar is the one lady in the group that I do not know personally. I have watched her ride during The North Face Masters competition at Snowbird a few years back and can remember a really aggressive/creative line during the Day 1 run on Silver Fox/Upper Cirque. Laura brings an impressive list of sponsors and several top finishes at the Legendary Banked Slalom at Mt. Baker. When she is not on the hill riding Laura runs the Fice Gallery and Boutique in downtown Salt Lake City. Check out more on her FWT Page.


It is tough to say who I will be rooting for since I am good friends with three of the four ladies, but it is a good bet that one or more of the gals from Snowbird will be on the podium at every event this season. There are also 4 top notch riders representing the European Region including last years Overall Champion Elodie Mouthon and long time competitor Margot Rozies.

Who will you be cheering for?

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