Powder Alert For the Sierra | Cold Deep Low Density Snow!

Powder Alert For the Sierra | Cold Deep Low Density Snow!


Powder Alert For the Sierra | Cold Deep Low Density Snow!


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The Sierra is going to get deep by Saturday afternoon!  Cold storm will move into northern California late Friday and continue through Saturday.  Some energy will break off and head into the Ruby Mountains of Nevada and eventually into Utah and Colorado Saturday/Sunday.    Most areas in California will see appreciable amounts of snow includingLake Tahoe, Mammoth, and areas south.  Expect the highest intensity snowfall to happen from Midnight Friday to noon Saturday.  My early powder Guesitmates are 17-20 inches in the higher elevations.  Significant snowfall will also be likely at Lake Levels from the cold air that is in place (9-14).


Models show pieces of energy from the parent low move from central Nevada to the Wasatch of Utah beginning late Saturday morning.  Snow will increase Saturday evening into Sunday. Some areas might see 6-10 inches under Westerly flow (Most of Northern Utah will all see snowfall).   The southern track of the low from the Sierra moves over Arizona on Saturday (Arizona Snowbowl could get deep), and into the 4 corners of Colorado and New Mexico Saturday/Sunday.  Southwest flow prevails on Sunday in Colorado so expect areas like Durango, Taos, Silverton, and Wolf Creek to grab some fresh.  I am not expecting high end snow totals here but certainly worth watching for perhaps 4-9 inches? Central Colorado including I-70 will also see light to occasional moderate snow later this weekend with more details to follow.

I had a call yesterday from a friend who stated “I just packed my bags from Truckee CA and am headed to the Wasatch”.  Now that he gets to Utah the Sierra will be slammed in fresh!   He is the jinx? Do Powder Jinx’s exist?


Things look very promising for Whistler, Interior BC, and the Cascades for the week of December 11th-17th.  Some of this moisture eventually moves over ID/MT/UT (Somewhat weaker).  The Sierra will be on the southern fringe however models could change!  The models currently show this happening in the December 18-21 period (Better chance for the Sierra).


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Powderchaser Steve

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