Unofficial Report: Las Leñas, Argentina

Unofficial Report: Las Leñas, Argentina


Unofficial Report: Las Leñas, Argentina



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Report and Images From Willi Brooks  

It’s spring in the Andes and the snow is melting fast. Leñas is looking extremely bare down low however the high peaks are still holding on.

Winds have kept the Marte chair from opening most days, but when things settle down you can still access bottomless powder turns in the endless terrain.
Down low a few roller balls the size of cars have been spotted and wet slides are abundant on anything bellow 10,000 feet.
The resort is rumored to close this weekend and the place has become a ghost town.
But the few die hards that still exist may have some bright news on its way. Weather reports are saying temperatures  are supposed to drop bellow freezing and stay that way. There is also some precip in the forecast.
For the most part it looks like the winter in Las Leñas is over though.  Onto the northern hemisphere for the next one.

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