Unofficial Report: Las Leñas, Argentina

Unofficial Report: Las Leñas, Argentina


Unofficial Report: Las Leñas, Argentina



Unofficial Report: Las Leñas, Argentina

 It has been nearly two weeks since the last snowstorm as hit Las Leñas, Argentina but surprisingly the skiing is still pretty good. Snow levels are definitely low for this time of year but in the gullies and faces with snow the skiing is very fun with loads of winter chalk.

Ts Marte has been open the past few days with a number of gates open for backcountry skiing. The gate leading to Edwardos is closed as well as access to Marte bowl but the gate at the top of the puma is open allowing access to Mercurio, Paraiso, Sans Nom, etc….

Ts Neptuno, the chairlift leading to Marte, has been experiencing problems this season. As a result only every other chair is being loaded making for long lines and slow frontside laps.

All and all I would say the skiing is very good but with warmer conditions this week things could turn ugly very quickly.


Cenidor has been skiing very well with a edgeable chalk


Powder lines can still be found at the higher hike-to terrain above Ts Marte.



Skiing in July!


 There are no better carnivores on the planet than Argentinians. Friday night asado at Corbus.


The season is in full swing here in Las Leñas. Here is a look at club UFO at 4:00 AM.

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