It's July, Time To Go Skiing In Africa!?

It's July, Time To Go Skiing In Africa!?


It's July, Time To Go Skiing In Africa!?


Skiing South Africa

Most people don’t realize that you can go skiing in Africa in July. In fact, 2 ski resorts are open for skiing right now below the equator in Africa (Afriski in the Kingdom of Lesotho & Tiffindell Ski Resort, South Africa).


Afriski – Kingdom of Lesotho

It is also a little known fact that people have been skiing in various Southern African mountain ranges since 1929. One of the most ideally suited locations are the Maluti mountains in the Kingdom of Lesotho. Not far from Clarens in the Free State lies the Mahlasela Pass and the location of the AFRISKI – Ski + Mountain Resort. A lot has changed since 1929 and the introduction of modern snow making facilities and lifts to Afriski since 2004 have allowed skiing and snowboarding to flourish in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. –

SLOPES and LIFTS ARE OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK DURING WINTER FROM 09h00 – 16h00 with FREE skiing between 15h00 & 16h00 for late arrivals.


Tiffindell Ski Resort – South Africa

Tiffindell Ski Resort is the only ski resort in South Africa. The resort opened in 1993 and has become a fully equipped ski and snowboard resort with state of the art snowmaking and grooming equipment, ski lifts, ski shop and ski school.

The resort reach an altitude of 2720m on Ben McDhui, the highest point in the Cape at 3001m above sea level. The carefully selected position of the resort, on the south facing slope of the highest mountain in the Cape, ensures that the snow lasts, extending the time available for snow skiing.  Slopes cleared and groomed during summer quickly transform to ski runs after even the lightest of snowfalls.

State of the art snowmaking equipment guarantees snow for over 100 days, and two modern snow grooming machines service the 2.3 hectares of ski area.

The resort’s Ice Station 2720 is the highest pub in South Africa.

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