Simple DON’Ts in the terrain park:

After a day of riding “spring break” riddled hills this week, I was dismayed with the extreme lack of terrain park etiquette by almost every skier and boarder on the hill. Hopefully this 6 frame Microsoft Paint Production will be simple enough for those who just don’t have any common sense in the name of skiing and snowboarding.

1. Read the sign before?

This one bothers me the most. Fathers skiing around with their 3-year-old sons and daughters would most likely have the utmost concern for the safety of their children, especially after getting the liftie to slow down the chair every time they get on. But instead, they ignore the signs and take their toddlers throughout the biggest parks on the hill, over knuckles of 50ft jumps and between jumps where you can’t see them. Read the sign! Freestyle Skills Required!

2. The Rail Rules:

It seems that these things are magnetic or something, because everyone thinks it’s a good place to stop: before, after and beside. If that’s not bad enough, everyone seems to think the ramp on is a side hit and to smash the sh*t out of it ruining it completely. That’s a big thank you for the terrain park staff who hand groom these things every morning.  The red line is the “10 foot rule” if you’re in it, you better damn well be riding that rail, and if not, get out of there.

3. Cutting A Jump’s Landing:

This one is just asking for decapitation. Once you get past that knuckle, no one can see you and the jump area looks clear. If you’re looking for someone to land on you, then at least consider their health and well being before you go for it. Don’t forget that what’s going to hit you will be going fast, weighing about 150-220 lbs and will be leading with sharp metal edges. Not to mention the dimension of  pissed off directed in your direction afterwards.

4. The “No Real Attempt”:

This one hurts me as well. Roll up to the jump, snake a few people on the way, and roll over the jump, crushing the perfectly groomed lip, and putting no real attempt into actually getting any air. There are plenty of side hits and always a smaller terrain park to learn jumps in so what are you doing ruining a perfect XL jump for everyone else?.

5. #1 Dad + 17897 Kids:

This one is always the worst, causing a complete stop to any line flow you have. For some reason every skier dad at some point takes at least 47 kids into the terrain park with no intent to try any rail or jump features as they all turn nearly 180 degree turns all over the park snaking every possible line. If this isn’t bad enough there is always one kid who decides to take a slide on his bottom down the rail, usually getting stuck trying to get on and ruining the on ramp.

6. The “Half Ass”:

Much like the “No Real Attempt” this is when the convict goes up to the jump and takes a 90 degree turn off the side. Just don’t! It’s makes no sense. Go find some side hits or go to the beginner park where you’ll be way better off actually learning to ride park and hopefully some etiquette too.

 *In conclusion, I don’t have a problem with new people getting into terrain park riding and skiing. I love seeing young riders or older riders with a new fire for jumps and rails and trying new things, in fact I encourage it when I can. But a little common sense goes a long way and the mountain will be 1000000% safer when you use it and understand a bit about using a terrain park.*

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