Snow is Increasing Over The Wasatch! Next Week Could Get Deep?

Snow is Increasing Over The Wasatch! Next Week Could Get Deep?


Snow is Increasing Over The Wasatch! Next Week Could Get Deep?



NOWCAST:   Rain fell below 8500 feet today in all mountain ranges of Utah with 4-5 inches of “WET MANK” at upper elevations (Snowbird, Alta, Brighton).    Temps have dropped in the past 2 hours and moderate snow is falling to the Valley floor of the upper cottonwoods and northern Wasatch.  Expect a sleeper POW day on Tuesday with 5-12 new on top of the Mank (should be interesting).   Could be decent? Stick to upper Cottonwoods (Alta, Brighton, Solitude, Snowbird).

Colorado is seeing light to occasionally moderate snow above 9,000 feet.  This will lower to most pass levels on Tuesday with generally 1-4 inches.  Snow will increase late Tuesday focusing on the I-70 corridor and north.  Late PM Tuesday or Wednesday might see some powder days in Summit County, Vail Valley, and Steamboat.   Hard to pinpoint amounts as snow bands will be convective in nature dumping hard for several hours only to taper and restart.  I will monitor the snowtel data carefully and might make a sudden chase from Boulder on Tuesday PM or Wednesday morning.


The models are still advertising a very active period beginning this weekend.  The Sierra will see a moderate burst of snow on Thursday (5-9 inches 7500 foot snow levels), perhaps more in the highest elevations. (Kirkwood, upper mountain of Squaw). The Cascades finally get back into action for this weekend (Moderate snow likely, 4,000 foot snow levels dropping  by late Saturday), as well as central and northern Idaho (7 inches plus by Sunday, several waves of 3-5 in a 2-3 day period). Northern areas seem favored and snow quality will improve late in the weekend.  This moves into the Tetons and the Bozeman area by Saturday night as well as the Wasatch andColorado.  Right now the mountains of northern Colorado seem favored over the Wasatch.  Snow levels will be fairly high with this event under light to moderate snow and turn heavy by Monday/Tuesday in the Rockies.  The models show some cold air just West of the Wasatch moving in by Tuesday improving snow density.  This cold air centers itself over Colorado onTuesday night and Wednesday possibly bringing high end Powder Alerts to many locations.  The models will likely change between now and then, but current data shows a high end snow event setting up for Colorado by mid next week. Let’s hope for the best!

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