'Explosive News' as Whistler Volcano Shows Signs of Life

'Explosive News' as Whistler Volcano Shows Signs of Life


'Explosive News' as Whistler Volcano Shows Signs of Life


piquenewsmagazine.com is reporting that a sleeping volcano near Whistler is awaking. Here is more on this story from piquenewsmagazine.com

‘Explosive news’ as Whistler volcano shows signs of life

Snowmobilers find active steam vents at Mount Cayley

Scientists are heading to the Whistler region amid reports of renewed volcanic activity at nearby Mount Cayley, about 15 kilometres west of the resort.

A party of backcountry snowmobilers came upon a series of seven new heat vents in the rock that were “throwing up tons of steam and smoke” while spending the day out between Mount Cayley and Mount Fee on Monday, April 1.

“It was crazy hot from a far distance away and we stood and watched it for a long time until somebody suggested that it might be a stupid idea to stay there,” said Todd Dunctis of North Vancouver, who was snowmobiling with three others.

“I went to the hot springs at Mount Meager before it was cut off in the big slide (in 2009), but this is different. It was more like what you see at Mount Baker (in Washington State), lots of volcano stuff, lots of smoke. Very freaky.”

There was no ash in the steam mix, he added.

Dunctis said he and his companions had been in the area many times and had never before come across the vents. They took video footage and photos, which they passed on to scientists.

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