$17.6 Million For An Aspen APARTMENT!?

$17.6 Million For An Aspen APARTMENT!?


$17.6 Million For An Aspen APARTMENT!?


Ski.Curbed.com brings us this listing for a Aspen penthouse apartment that has been listed for a mind bending $17.6 Million. Here is more on the listing from Ryan Dunfee of Ski.Curbed.com.

Aspen’s Most Expensive Penthouse Ever at $17.6 Million

Some Aspen developers are milking the result of their settlement with the town of Aspen that allowed them to build a penthouse 85% bigger than city zoning limits would otherwise permit, as evidenced by their outrageous pricing of this 4,638 square foot three-story penthousewith 4 bedrooms and 5 baths for $17,600,000. City zoning limits cap downtown residential units at 2,500 square feet, but developers won the right to build their oversize unit in exchange for deed restricting the building so that the commercial space can only be rented to an “affordable” restaurant.

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