Selk'bag - The Wearable Sleeping Bag

Selk'bag - The Wearable Sleeping Bag


Selk'bag - The Wearable Sleeping Bag


The Selk’bag wearable sleeping bag is like a Snuggie for adventurers. This insulated outfit might just be the most comfortable thing to climb into after a long day on the mountain. Here is a bit more on the Selk’bag from their website

Now in its 4th Generation, the Selk’bag Classic has evolved into the best fitting, more technically advanced Selk’bag made to date. New features (see below) allow the wearer to have a more tailored experience with their Selk’bag for easier and more confident movement. Rated to 35 degrees Fahrenheit, the uncommonly comfortable Selk’bag Classic is an excellent solution for those who are uncomfortable in traditional mummy or rectangular sleeping bags. Perfect for a variety of adventures, the Selk’bag is used by outdoor enthusiasts the world over for camping in a tent, under the stars, at the lake, at the beach or even in the cabin. Use the Selk’bag Classic indoors during the Winter for immaculate comfort, or even in your RV, camper, SUV, or dorm room. See a full list of features, technical specifications and a list of retailers below.

Price: $99.95

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