Review: “Undercover Boss: Andy Wirth” []

Review: “Undercover Boss: Andy Wirth” []


Review: “Undercover Boss: Andy Wirth” []


Mark Fisher, founder of, shares his two cents on tonights episode of Undercover bosses featuring Squaw/Alpine CEO Andy Wirth. 

Review: “Undercover Boss: Andy Wirth”

By, Mark Fisher

I am not sure I have ever considered reviewing television shows, but the CBS Undercover Boss series is a show that often catches my attention. Since this week’s episode featured Andy Wirth, CEO of SquAlpine, I figured it’s worth talking about it here.

If you have not figured it out yet over the last two years, Andy Wirth is a master at marketing his vision. Tonight’s episode served largely as a one hour infomercial for Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. There was a lot of emphasis on Andy assuring the viewers that he understands the differences between Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. But I am guessing that a lot of Alpine Meadows enthusiasts know that he entirely missed the mark. Early in the episode, he describes Squaw Valley as a mountain enjoyed by primarily advanced and expert skiers, which is why they bought the lowly Alpine Meadows next door, to provide “family friendly” terrain and groomed slopes. Suddenly, the meaning of the intense grooming at Alpine Meadows this season begins to take on a new meaning. He really does not get Alpine Meadows.

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Did you watch the episode? If so what were your thoughts? 

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