Soul Poles- Gear Review

Soul Poles- Gear Review


Soul Poles- Gear Review


not only essential a peice of art


As a life time skier I have found myself skiing around the world, drowning in neck deep pow, and constantly breaking poles. It seemed like everytime I would get my hands on some of the most famous brand name poles, I would effortlessly end up snapping or breaking them by the end of the year, leaving me frustrated to say the least! If you are in the same boat as me, your worries are no more my friend . The solution, Soul Poles, 25% stronger than the protocol steel pole. A hand-crafted and highly eco-friendly peice of art from grip to tip with a retro looking chinese-bamboo shaft, based out of Park City, Utah. Not to mention it’s tagged along with a 1 year warranty, no questions asked. Customization is practically limitless from engraving, to coloring, and even a burned-look touch to add on if requested. As if the deal couldnt get any sweeter; a small fee of $35 to replace the shaft if broken post-warranty.


customization for each person


Topping it off each and every bit sent back are broken down, recyled and reused with your next set of poles. We are all apart of this world and in a forever consuming ski-industry and it’s the little things that make a difference in creating a smaller carbon footprint such as what the Soul Pole crew is accelerating in. Support a cause much larger than ourself, protect our winters and help raise awareness with a pair of Original Soul starting with an MSRP: $125


old school look for the new school days


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