SkiBrogue | Ski, Boot & Binding - All In One

SkiBrogue | Ski, Boot & Binding - All In One


SkiBrogue | Ski, Boot & Binding - All In One


This morning we received this email from Michael Wallis, inventer of the SkiBrogue.  

Hello Unofficial Networks,

This is going to be the hottest thing on the slopes this season.

If you like it, it would be amazing if you featured it on
thanks and merry christmas

Here is some more info on the  SkiBrogues

As always, necessity is the mother of invention. SkiBrogues were born out of the need to get on and off the piste more quickly and save space in the car.

They combine a patented spring loaded mechanism (developed and tested in Munich, Germany) that allows the SkiBrogue to be a boot and a ski all in one.

The brogue upper is made from the finest Italian leather. The ski is made from a carbon fibre composite and is rugged enough for the most challenging black runs. Once you have finished skiing you can simply fold the ski back into the boot and make your way to the bar – where your footwear choice is sure to cause a lot of interest with the opposite (or same) sex.


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