Stay safe in the backcountry with the BCA Tracker2: fast, efficient, and reliable when it matters most BCA Tracker2 Beacon | Unofficial Gear Review | Unofficial Networks

BCA Tracker2 Beacon | Unofficial Gear Review

BCA Tracker2 Beacon | Unofficial Gear Review


BCA Tracker2 Beacon | Unofficial Gear Review


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If you head out skiing when there is new snow on the ground in to the backcountry, sidecountry, or even in bounds, you need to carry a transceiver.  And the BCA Tracker2 Beacon is among the lightest, the most intuitive, and the most reliable on the market.


  • Antennas: 3
  • Weight: 6.4 oz (181 g)
  • Power Source: 3 AAA batteries
  • Multiple Burial Indicator: Yes

Area of Expertise:

  • Sidecountry to Backcountry, simple and effective is the name of the game

Life Span:

  • 5 Year Warranty

The Tracker2 is a new spin on the Tracker, which has long been the number one avalanche beacon on the market.  It features some subtle changes , with a lighter and lower profile.  Also, the search mode is ultra easy to engage, accomplished by simply pulling down on the bottom of the beacon.  This makes the Tracker2 compatible with thick gloves, mittens, or anything in between.

bca tracker 2

With the 3 Antennae search, you can be sure your results are accurate.  With this third antennae, search spikes as you approach the burried victim have been resolved and mostly eliminated.  The Tracker2 also has about a 5.5 meter greater search range than the original Tracker, bringing it’s recommended search strip to 50 meters.  The beacon also features a digital display giving you precise readouts for distance to the buried victim with LED arrows indicating the direction (always bare in mind that because the beacon picks up the transmitted flux line, if you see the numbers going up you are following the flux line the wrong way).

When the Tracker2 was first released, there were issues with the search mode in a small number of beacons, but the issue has since been resolved, updated, and improved.   The Tracker2 features update-able firmware so as BCA advances their search technology, you can get the update, easily and free of charge.   With the ease of use, lack of confusing menu interfaces and essentially only two buttons, the Tracker2 is usable right out of the box (but you still need to develop a firm understanding of proper use of your beacon before venturing outside the gates or into the backcountry).

If you’re looking for a solid, reliable and easy to use Avalanche Beacon, don’t pass up the BCA Tracker2 Beacon.

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