So here we are. It’s November 16th and Squaw Valley is officially open!

Early season storms have provided for a great start as you’ll see from Brennan’s State of The Backcountry update. But forget earning your turns, the lifts are spinning.

With a storm in the forecast we were all hoping to wake up to a bit of the white stuff. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, but at this point in the season beggars can’t be choosers. On the menu today was Red Dog and Resort Chair. You could tell where the new snow making equipment had been blowing and in places coverage was good, but not so much in other spots.

The ride up Red Dog was WET. Rain stopped at about 10:40 and held off for a while. Prior to that it was a drizzling all the way to the top and it seemed like some heavier precip moved in as we got into the afternoon.

Looking out towards the lake. People were stoked even with the snow levels higher than anything we could see.

The coverage in places was spotty at best. Don’t even think of taking out that new board or skis.

More spotty coverage seen from Resort Chair.

Back on Red Dog, Squaw had crews out shoveling snow in spots. Tis’ the season!

Looking up KT from Red Dog was sight for sore eyes.

All in all it was good to be back on the lifts and making turns again, even though the weather was far from ideal. Let’s hope for good storm this weekend to help us along.

How was your day?

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