Killing it up at Mt Hood this summer these 4 kids represent the future of Tahoe Park Skiing. Some impressive summer park shredding! Mt. Hood Summer Shred VIDEO for SnowGlobe | Unofficial Networks

Mt. Hood Summer Shred VIDEO for SnowGlobe

Mt. Hood Summer Shred VIDEO for SnowGlobe


Mt. Hood Summer Shred VIDEO for SnowGlobe


Earlier this summer Kaya Lampe from Sessions Outerwear put together a trip up to Mt Hood to film a short video with several local groms. These 4 kids represent motivation, talent, and drive.  They are also 4 really good kids that are enjoyable to be around on- and off-the-hill.

Kaya Lampe, Hunter Simpson, Rals White, Mike Jones, Charlie Ingalls heading up to Mt. Hood.

This video will be featured at SnowGlobe December 29-31 and features 2 of the artists who will be appearing. I was stoked with the summer shredding and fully expect to see big things from all 4 of these guys this winter.  The level of talent beginning to develop with the young Tahoe park skiers is already impressive. With a facility like Woodward just down the street, it’s going to skyrocket. Super-groms Cody Laplante and Aspen Spora are just a few years behind and we could see some new Tahoe Olympians in the coming years. Good luck guys and keep killin it.

I was stoked on the music and it got me excited about SnowGlobe this winter. The skiing starts at :41 seconds in.


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