Team Icelantic took home the prize for Best Video at this year’s Eye of the Condor. They were the all-female team and their video does a great job of giving perspective on why we immerse ourselves in the mountains. Here’s to the ladies: Annelise Loevlie, Alex Taran, Kaylin Richardson and Rebecca Selig

Team Chile, the hometown team put together a solid video combining some great shots in the mountains with some creative stuff in the ski area. Soledad Diaz, Vicente Sutil, Chopo Diaz and Inaqui Irarrazaval. 

Team WIDSIX has a cool little campfire story going about “Lola” a woman who gets decapitated skiing a tight chute and whose soul still resides in La Parva. It also features some pretty sweet shredding. Here’s a nice ESPN article from Drew Tabke about the event. Drew Tabke, Ashley Maxfield and TJ David.

Team Discrete’s video was my personal favorite. A cool intro about the anticipation of skiing, and the work that goes on behind the scenes at a remote ski location like La Parva. There’s some Pisco (a South American Brandy) and beer drinking, some very cool shots (4:16) and of course some great skiing. Julian Carr, JT Holmes, Parker Cook and Rachael Burks. Team Discrete’s Chris Bezemat also took home the prize in the photography category.

Photo: Chris Bezemate (Team Discrete). Image Courtesy of La Parva


All the team videos look awesome with what looked like less than ideal conditions, but the videos were all stellar and the riders and cinematographers made the most of it down there. Stayed tuned, there’s still the People’s Choice Video Award to be handed out, my money is on Team Discrete.

Visit the Photo Gallery of the submissions for EOTC.


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